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Cadenza for Ligeti’s Violin Concerto (ca. 2 mins)

· premièred on May 7th 2018 by Sara Cubarsi and the Ensemble at CalArts, Wild Beast Concert Hall (L.A.)

· for the soloist with an improvised section with the scordatura soloists (vln, vla), double bass and an ocharina

Exvot IV: organistrum (53 mins.)

· premièred on April 11th 2018 by Sara Cubarsi with Ian Stahl, Wild Beast Concert Hall

· for solo violinist on two differently tuned amplified violins, inverted bow, retuned foot-midi-keyboard, sheep bell, vocals, with interactive paintings by the composer; and a sound projectionist

landscapes from mikrokosmos (ca. 15 mins)

· premièred on March 24th 2018 by falcone | cubarsi duo during the MicroFest, Boston Court (L.A.)

· violin & viola microtonal arrangements from Bartók’s Mikrokosmos

Exvot III: backgrounds (ca. 18 mins)

· premièred on December 11th 2017 by soloist Violeta Cubarsi, with the CalArts Ensemble, R.O.D. Concert Hall (L.A.)

· for scordatura solo violin, 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos with bells attached to their arms, and retuned midi- keyboard

Exvot II (ca. 18 mins)

· premièred on October 17th 2017 by Derek Stein, Emi Tamura, David Aguila and Sara Cubarsi, R.O.D Hall (L.A.)

· for e-cellist and bow assistant with sheep bells, midi-keyboardist and sound projectionist

Exvot I (ca. 13 mins)

· premièred on April 6th 2017 by ensemble x.y in the St John Smith Square lunchtime concert series (London)

· for violin, cello, midi-keyboard and sheep bells

Exvot Study (ca. 50 mins)

· premièred on November 22nd 2016 by ensemble x.y members (Kaminer, Kadish, Cubarsi), R.O.D. Hall (L.A.)

· concert-installation for three performers, interactive film on canvas, water, tiny bells

aluminium does not easily ignite (ca. 17 mins)

· premièred on October 17th 2016 by James Rushford and Sara Cubarsi, R.O.D. Hall (L.A.)

· for violin, midi-keyboard and transducers on a large sheet of aluminium

Concerto for a Painting (ca. 18 mins)

· premièred on May 9th 2016 by the CalArts Ensemble, Wild Beast Hall (L.A.)

· for 9 strings, piano and an interactive painting by the composer

2050 Colors from Bali (3 hours)

(computer programming by Eric Heep)

· premièred on April 6th 2016, CalArts L-Shape Gallery

· concert-installation with the CalArts Balinese gamelan, 5 performers, laptop projection

64 chords / Ludwig’s Ear (ca. 1 hour)

· premièred on April 12th 2016 by the Euler Quartet and Luke Martin on laptop, R.O.D. Hall (L.A.)

· for string quartet, sinewaves and white noise, with a 12x8ft interactive painting by the composer

64 Colors (ca. 16 mins)

· premèred on January 31st 2016 by the Euler Quartet, ArtShare (L.A.)

· for string quartet


· premièred in December 2015 by Sara Cubarsi, SF Centre for New Music (San Francisco)

· for singing violinist alone

53 Colors (ca. 7 mins)

· premièred on November 29th 2015 by Ben Finley and Sara Cubarsi

· for violin and double bass

Intonation Study n. 2

· premièred on November 22nd 2015 by CalArts performers, Wild Beast Hall (L.A.)

· for 8 strings

Microtonal Spiral (ca. 12 mins)

· premièred on October 7th 2015 by CalArts performers, R.O.D. Hall (L.A.)

· open instruction score for a group of instruments that can play a glissando

250 Colors (ca. 10 mins)

· premièred on May 28th 2015 by Mayah Kadish and Sara Cubarsi (ensemble x.y), Brunel Museum (London)

· violin duo

© Sara Cubarsi, 2018

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